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IIAI Foundation Certificate


Industrial Accident Investigation  and Analysis





The principal aims of the course are to...


Provide prospective Associate Members (AMIIAI) of the Institute of Industrial Accident Investigators with Certificated proof of completion of an IIAI approved basic course of study suitable for the general requirements of that grade.


Introduce students to basic investigative tools and procedures in order to assist their employer’s investigations; or, refresh and Certificate prior experienced candidates.


Assist employers with their duty to provide training to employees whose roles require them to have a basic understanding of the investigative process.


Course objectives:


Discuss the extent of the accident problem (including the cost of accidents and the limit of insurance) and the various drivers or reasons for the investigative process.


State the legal requirements for the recording and reporting of accidents in England and Wales.


Understand the basic role of external agencies and the powers of HSE/LA inspectors.


Describe a suitable strategy and method for a basic investigation and interview; including preliminary information needs and first actions at scenes.


Identify the main types of evidence and a means to assist gathering.


Map and analyse the various stages of an accident.


Explain the relationship between injury or damage producing accidents and near-miss accidents; and, estimate the extent of near-miss accidents in their workplace.


Utilise knowledge of the part played by people in accidents during causal analysis and the development of remedial intervention strategies.


Describe three types of mental process and the primary influences on human behaviour.


Utilise knowledge of the part played by management in accidents.


Discuss some of the suspected mental and physiological effects of lying and deception.


Prepare an interviewee for the free narrative stage and explain active listening and para-phrasing.


Make appropriate use of closed and directed questions.


Describe the basic civil claims process and list a range of standard disclosure documents.


Explain the term legal privilege.

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