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Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

Improvement Notice
The H&S enforcing authorities, where appropriate, like to give employers the opportunity to comply with the law. To assist this, s21 provides for an inspector to issue an Improvement Notice where they are of the opinion that a person is...

(a) contravening one or more of the relevant statutory provisions; or
(b) having contravened one or more provisions, the circumstances make it likely that contravention will continue or be repeated.


Prohibition Notices
Alternatively, there will be instances when an inspector considers that there is, or might be, a risk of serious personal danger. In these cases he can issue a Prohibition Notice requiring the activity to either stop immediately (an immediate notice) or within a specified time (a deferred notice).



In addition to the above and other powers, s.25 gives an inspector the power to Deal with a Cause of Imminent Danger. This provides for any article or substance deemed to be a cause of imminent danger or serious personal injury to be rendered harmless or, if necessary, destroyed.