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The Transport of Dangerous Goods (safety Advisers) Regulations 1999

Regulation 4(1)

“No employer shall transport dangerous goods...unless -(a) he has appointed an individual as a safety adviser for the purpose of advising him as to health, safety and environmental matters in connection with the transport of those dangerous goods...and (b) that safety adviser has functions and duties which relate to that mode of transport and those goods”.

Regulation 5(2)

Functions and duties include the requirement to “ensure the preparation of a report on any accident which affects the health or safety of any person or causes damage to the environment or to property and which occurs during the transport of dangerous goods by the employer who has appointed him”.


Schedule Two (d)(vi) & (vii)

Functions of the safety adviser include…

(vi) the investigation of and, where appropriate, preparation of reports on serious accidents, incidents or serious infringements recorded during the transport of dangerous goods,

(vii) the implementation of appropriate measures to avoid the recurrence of accidents, incidents or serious infringements,