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Accident Investigation Training:

For us, the provision of accident investigation training in a global market place is fairly straight-forward. Once the client's requirements are known, we ensure that the selected course (modified as necessary) is compatible with local legislation and systems requirements and is appropriate as regards local customs, languages and practices. Finally, we obtain (if required by the client) course approval from the Institute of Industrial Accident investigators.

Supplying Accident Investigators and/or Accident Investigation Services:

Assisting organisations worldwide with one or more of our Accident Investigation services is similarly straight-forward provided that we have been retained in advance.

Providing assistance when we have not been previously retained is not a problem but, for obvious reasons, costs more. For instance, where we have been retained by an organisation who then needs to call upon us, we already know about the organisation's specific operations, locations and risks. We will also know some of the key people within the organisation and about local customs and laws. The equipment that may be needed is also known to us and we will already have made provision where needed for things like staff cover, local assistance, travel, insurance, visas and accommodation. More importantly perhaps, organisations that retain us in advance will already know us.

To find out more about utilising us for accident investigation and/or accident investigation training in the country where you operate, please give us a call or drop us an email...anytime.